Airtel Volte Offer – Get Free 30 GB 4G Data (Selected States)


Airtel is just step up to launch their volte in different states in India. And as a preview offer, they are giving free 30 GB 4G Internet data for free for the selected users. To avail the Airtel volte offer you need a 4G handset and 4g enabled airtel sim.

Not everyone can avail this offer. This offer is only for selected users and available only in few states where Airtel has enabled their volte service. Without more talks, Let us know how to get free 30 GB data from airtel volte offer.

How to get free 30 GB Internet from Airtel 4G Volte offer?

Requirements –

  1. 4G Volte handset.
  2. Enable 4G volte from your phone setting.
  3. Airtel 4G SIM.
  4. Offer available only in following states – West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Bihar, Punjab & Andhra Pradesh.

Steps to follow –

1) First, visit the offer page from here.

2) Enter your mobile number there to check your eligibility. If you are eligible follow-on to next step.

3) Now Go to mobile Settings > Mobile Network and Enable VoLTE Service.

4) You will Volte icon at your mobile status bar.

5) That’s all! You will receive 10+10+10 GB Data benefit.

6) You will get 10 GB when on downloading latest OS and enable VoLTE switch + 10 GB Providing feedback at end of 4th week + 10 GB more Providing feedbackend of 8th week.

FAQ of Airtel 4G Volte

Que. What is Airtel VoLTE?

Airtel VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is an advanced service through which customers can experience HD quality crystal clear voice with faster call setup time. While using VoLTE services, users can continue to have un-interrupted high-speed 4G internet experience.

Que. What is the difference between normal voice calls & Airtel VoLTE?

Airtel VoLTE users will experience true HD voice. Airtel customers with VoLTE services can experience superior call quality and faster call setup time compared to normal voice calls

Que. How can I identify if I am using Airtel VoLTE service?

Android users can see “HD/VoLTE” icon on the top bar of the screen, which indicates that their phone is ready for VoLTE calls. For iOS users there is no visual representation. However, they can verify VoLTE-readiness through the settings under mobile data.*

For iOS: Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Enable 4G -> Turn on Voice & Data
For Android: Settings -> Settings -> Mobile Network -> Turn on VoLTE call
*These settings may differ from one handset manufacturer to another. In case you need assistance, please call 121.

Que. Will my current 4G smartphone support Airtel VoLTE services?

Yes, your existing 4G smartphone can be used to experience Airtel VoLTE services as long as you have completed the software upgrade for your smartphone. Please refer to the above section on the page for a list of compatible devices.

Que. Will Airtel VoLTE calls consume data?

No. Airtel VoLTE calls will be charged as per your existing voice plan / pack and would not consume any additional data.

Que. Do I need a special pack to use Airtel VoLTE offer?

No. Your existing plan will support all the VoLTE service.

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