Loco App Referral Offer – Earn Free Paytm Cash Apps by Playing quiz (Free Life)

Loco app referral code

In this article, I will tell you How to use Loco app referral code to get free lives which you can use to earn free paytm cash by playing quizzes.

Earning online is something we all love. And today in the digital world earning online is just gone easy. Now your knowledge easily let you earn some good amount of money by playing the online quiz daily at loco.

Earning in loco app is quite easy. All you need to answer some simple 10 questions and you can earn up to 15,000 rs. Yes! its true you can earn such a big amount. But here is a catch the winning amount daily is 15,000 Rs and it will be equally distributed with all the winners playing that quiz. In that way, you earn some free paytm cash on giving all your answers correctly.

Loco AppEarn Free Paytm Cash
App Size8 MB
Download1 Million
Referral codeshoutbee
Daily earning15,000 Rs

You can use 1 life in 1 game and you can easily earn free lives by refer and earn offer of loco app. On sign up, you can use our referral code in loco app to 1 earn free life.

How to Sign Up on Loco App?

Steps to sign up using loco referral code –

  1. First, download the Loco app from here. (Click here)
  2. Watch the intro and you will get some idea about the game otherwise skip it.
  3. Next, choose your language. You can choose English or Hindi.
  4. Enter your mobile number and verify it using OTP. Give all the necessary permission asked.
  5. To get 1 free life use this referral code “shoutbee” and earn 1 free life which you can use in your live game.

Are you still little bit confused about playing and earning from this app. So don’t worry I have provided every information related to this app below.

How to get free lives using Loco referral code?

1)  On the dashboard, you will find an option to “Get Lives”.

2) Get your own referral code from there. Share it with your friends and relatives or in your WhatsApp group.

3) Every time anyone of your friend download loco app and use your referral code you will earn 1 free live.

4) Extra lives you earn can be used in case of the wrong answer in any contest. Extra lives are applied automatically once per game, expect on the last question.

Rules of Loco App

1. Join the live game on time. If you’re even a second late, you can only watch.
2. Tap the answer you think is correct in under 10 seconds.
3. If you tap an incorrect answer, or run out of time, you’re eliminated.
4. Answer all questions correctly to split the prize. If everyone gets eliminated, the prize rolls over to the next day.
5. Payouts are made straight to your Paytm the following
morning of the game.
6. Extra lives are applied automatically once per game,
except on the last question.

That’s it! If this article helps you share it with your friends and relatives. Don’t forget to use our loco app referral code and earn one free life.

How to Play Loco App New IPL Offer to win 2 Lakhs?

The Loco Cricket League (LCL) will give cricket fans on Loco access to a bonus, cricket-only quiz, every single day of the cricket league.

These special cricket-themed, rapid-fire quizzes will happen at 7.50 pm every day – just before the 8 pm match from the 7th of April to the 27th of May, 2018.

The LCL leaderboard will take into account the total number of questions answered correctly by the user during the LCL games only.

The top 15 players at the end of the LCL wills split an overall pot of Rs 2 Lakh rupees.

The top 100 players at the top of the
LCL leaderboard each week, will get 5
extra lives each!

Check where you stand in the race for extra
lives and Rs 2,00,000! Leaderboard updates
at 12 am every day.

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